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Our Keep Moving Collective are a cohort of dancers over the age of 55 who create and showcase pieces in various performance opportunities. The Collective meet on a project-by-project basis, working collaboratively to generate content for a number of informal and more formal performances. Participants will also develop their technique through an exploration of different styles in a collaborative environment. 

The dance pieces created by the Keep Moving Collective encompass a range of different narratives, concepts and subject matters which may be derived from experiences, cultural influences or well-known and loved musical productions. 

Contact us to express your interest in being part of Keep Moving Collective.

Previous Keep Moving Collective projects

We always aim to provide our Keep Moving Collective with a variety of exciting performance opportunities that are both stage-based and site specific. Our notable previous projects include;
'Moving Through Space' - an intergenerational project with our Moving Together Youth cohort performed in the planetarium at the National Space Centre

'385 Days' - a dance for film project influenced by Leicester's Covid lockdown and the impact this had on everyones lives

'Moving Together Summer Showcase 2023' - an afro-inspired routine developed in partnership with dance artist Angela Parks which was performed at our annual showcase at Curve Theatre

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